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While I’ve Been Away – Plans For 2020

Hello Wax Nation – greetings in 2020, and here’s to hoping you’ve all had a safe and happy Holiday Season & New Year!

I’m still on hiatus and will likely remain so until the spring, but I wanted to touch base briefly with you all to discuss very briefly my plans for this coming outdoor season.

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Austin/Dunaway – It’s All In The Pivot!!

I worked all weekend on the proper “shift & tilt” pivot action and nailed it with the SwingRite.

I had it on a setting so difficult that I couldn’t come close to clicking it unless I got into the right hip properly to create the “post” that is required to tilt and then reverse tilt into the down swing.

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Why I’m So Excited About My Austin/Dunaway Project

This is something I left nearly seven long years ago, for various reasons, the first of which was I didn’t think this kind of swing would work for anything besides long driving.

It took me a couple of years in the wilderness with the swing models until I figured out Ben Hogan’s pivot action and then adapted the MCS Golf Swing to that in late 2014, and I’ve spent five years refining that model based on his pivot until I could find nothing more to improve it.

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Unfinished Business – Mike Austin/Dunaway People

This is already a work in progress, some of you may have already guessed!

Those of you who were around during the early years of my blogging already know that I spent quite some time on the Mike Austin swing model before I began modeling a “playing golf” swing model which culminated in the current version of MCS.

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