Leverage – Driver DTL From July 2018

It looks with the forecasts that I will likely be able to get out to do some swing work either this coming week or at latest the next week, so I have a driver swing here I’ve gone back to inspect.

I’ve said that I can’t bear to look at any of my swing clips since I’ve made significant improvements to my MCS swing mechanics – the model itself hasn’t changed since my “E = MCS” video in 2017, but my swing sure has changed for the better since then.

This Classic Golf Swing driver below was a few weeks before my trip to the TXG facility to get some numbers and doesn’t actually make my eyes bleed.

For a sample, a good swing from me that month would have produced something like this below from the end of July with a Callaway Rogue 8 degree lofted driver:

The drive below shows that I don’t swing out of my shoes to get numbers, and the way for a then-48 year old guy to get 300 yards carry on a drive is by employing leverage, not muscle power.

I still don’t like that setup (left-arm dominant, the grip which you can’t see, is not optimal), the pivot action going back (passable but not great) nor the plane at the top of the back swing, but I was still able to drop the hands and club into the slot on the way down.

So, how do you hit a 330-ish drive with seemingly little effort?

Leverage.  The work is being done with the hips and legs.

There’s a good deal of effort going into that drive of course, but the better your mechanics and the greater your leverage, the less work you’ll appear to be doing.

Good 3-plane action here:

Now, I have no idea how my planes will look with the positive changes made to my setup, but Mike Dunaway had the similar 3 planes with a much better executed swing:

The difference I see and would expect, with my left-dominant issue and the un-optimal setup, is that his plane lines are closer to him.  He’s swinging more vertically and so is set up closer to the ball.

That means even more efficient leveraging of the club.

So, I’ll be very interested the first day in seeing both how my swing looks with the changes and how it looks compared to a pretty good swing from a few years back.

My bet is that even my first day out, I’ll see better swings than anything I’ve got in my archive.

At least, that’s my hope.

Won’t be too much longer now!

2 thoughts on “Leverage – Driver DTL From July 2018

  1. JJ

    DJ – You mention your left dominance a lot. Can you please explain exactly what you mean by that? And maybe how we can tell if we suffer from the same affliction?!

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      Hi JJ – that’s a question requiring a little more than an answer in a comment.

      Let me give you an adequate response in tomorrow’s posting, because I’m sure many people make the same mistake.


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