Austin/Dunaway – It’s All In The Pivot!!

I worked all weekend on the proper “shift & tilt” pivot action and nailed it with the SwingRite.

I had it on a setting so difficult that I couldn’t come close to clicking it unless I got into the right hip properly to create the “post” that is required to tilt and then reverse tilt into the down swing.

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Ten Years Ago – “My Epic Drive Of The Day”

This is a post I wrote on October 29th, 2009, which was just before I began my Mike Austin years, so it’s shortly before many of you even knew about the Smash Golf Blog.

I am feeling nostalgic and I went back to my Smash Golf postings (the blog still exists, just now on a privacy setting) to see what I could re-live from 10 years ago (when I was only at the tender age of 39!!!), and found this gem.

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Why I’m So Excited About My Austin/Dunaway Project

This is something I left nearly seven long years ago, for various reasons, the first of which was I didn’t think this kind of swing would work for anything besides long driving.

It took me a couple of years in the wilderness with the swing models until I figured out Ben Hogan’s pivot action and then adapted the MCS Golf Swing to that in late 2014, and I’ve spent five years refining that model based on his pivot until I could find nothing more to improve it.

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Unfinished Business – Mike Austin/Dunaway People

This is already a work in progress, some of you may have already guessed!

Those of you who were around during the early years of my blogging already know that I spent quite some time on the Mike Austin swing model before I began modeling a “playing golf” swing model which culminated in the current version of MCS.

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Mike Dunaway’s Address/Impact Shaft Planes

As I get deeper into Mike Dunaway’s entire swing, I would love you all to see something that blows away all of the stuff you hear about the best swingers having the same shaft plane at both address & impact.

This could have huge ramifications for MCS the swing model, which is why I want to point it out, besides showing yet another example of Modern Golf Swing instructions focusing on things that have little relevance to proper mechanics.

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Swinging Like Dunaway – Day 3

Well, I have to say that the adjustments I made were exactly what the doctor ordered, having had a look at some swings I made yesterday!

Right now I have a lot of video to edit because I hit some irons as well as the Driver, but here is a little taste of what I got.

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So, MCS or Mike Dunaway? Here’s My Opinion!

This posting is actually just an elaboration on the comment responding to peterallenby2013’s comment on yesterday’s posting.

peterallenby2013 has been a long-time and much-appreciated (by me) member of WAX Nation and I was struck by his kind words in the comment he left.

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Swinging Like Dunaway – The Forward Press Is Fire

Besides having figured out how Dunaway’s stance was different from what you usually see with the golf swing, I’m seeing right now how vital the pre-swing “press” that Dunaway used in his 375 yard drives demo was.

It works much the way I built my setup for the New MCS swing model from 2013 after I had left the Austin/Dunaway camp.

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