7i & 4i Down The Line (Been Awhile)

dj 4i top dtlThanks to everyone who has purchased a video download, your support of the site is much appreciated!

It’s been a while since I posted iron swings so I went back to 2019 (so strange to have to go back 2 years since I was on hiatus last year, but here we are), even though I’m pretty sure the action will be visibly different this season.

Reason being, you don’t work on your swing for two years without showing a marked difference, such as my takeaway & down swing planes.

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Original & Unedited MCS Classic Swing Videos Now Available – Limited Time!

video emcsI’ve received enough feedback from you all to have made the decision to simply put the original & unedited MCS Classic Swing Videos back up for sale – for a limited time.

They’ve been deeply discounted (half the original release price), due to my intention to eventually release a master video encompassing the relevant material from all 3.

When I have completed a newer video on the MCS Classic Golf Swing, these will be removed from the WAX Golf store.

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How Fast Is Your Club Speed? Where Does It Place You Age-Wise?

Swing-Speed-by-AgeI found an interesting little article from Plugged In Golf about club speed comparisons by age & gender.

I was surprised by my own placing in the category – perhaps it’s because I’m always comparing my swing speeds to the fastest swingers in pro golf & used to follow the long drive game until it became a little much hype-wise.

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How To Avoid “Shortened Careers” Has Nothing To Do With Power & Distance… It’s HOW You Swing

dj driver topThe title is of course a tongue-in-cheek reference to Justin Rose fretting about pro golfers possibly shortening their careers in trying to increase their power & driving distances like Bryson DeChambeau.

Allow me to introduce 49 year old DJ Watts swinging with a likely higher average club speed than Justin Rose (115.37 mph in ’19-’20 season)

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The MCS Classic Swing vs Post-Modern Model

dj top july 03I’ve been going over my swing clips from previous years & have a pretty solid theory (at least from the swing work I’ve been doing during this endless Covid-19 lockdown), that a properly performed MCS Classic Golf Swing motion would differ from the MCS Post-Modern Golf Swing (based on Mike Dunaway’s swing) in only one regard – the pivot action.

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MCS Classic Swing Recap Video Coming (Updated)

emcs videoUpdate: After feedback, I have decided to simply re-release the original MCS Classic Golf Swing videos with a hefty discount. Thanks to everyone for the feedback! /update

This is something I considered doing all winter.

I’m currently working on a recap video on the MCS Classic Golf Swing model based on the “E = MCS” swing video as well as other videos that followed.

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This Is Depressing – Justin Rose On Distance Quests & Career Length

RoseThis is rather depressing – according to Justin Rose (and many others for certain), the quest to increase power & distance in golf is going to lead to shortened careers.

This is depressing to me because it means that the golf industry is still mired in the harmful mechanics of swinging in the Modern Golf Swing style, which means that it will shorten careers (Tiger Woods being Exhibit A), but also that it’s something that doesn’t have to happen. Continue reading

Bryson DeChambeau’s Ben Hoganesqe Pivot

I haven’t taken a look at Bryson DeChambeau’s swing of late because I had put the blog on hiatus, however I wanted to share this even though I wasn’t going to be looking at golfers’ swings going forward.

This particular swing action Bryson’s however is nearly a perfect imitation of what I’ve called Ben Hogan’s “Perfect Pivot” action.

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What My Swing Looked Looked Like Driving 330 Yards (2018)

My readers who were here during 2018 will remember the numbers I worked on compiling with some trips to TGX Golf lab to show how powerful a leveraged swing could be, even at the age of 48 (which I was at the time).

Back then, I presented some driving stats which showed how a positive attack angle, optimal launch angle & spin rate could get a lot more out of a swing than one without those metrics.

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The 3 Different Swing Models

I have said for awhile that the swing model presented by the Mikes Austin & Dunaway is a Classic Swing Model because of the free hip action as contrasted with the Modern Golf Swing model which uses back-breaking shoulder-turning against a restricted hip turn.

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