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Due To The Covid-19 Situation, The Latest MCS Swing Video (The “MCS Post-Modern” or “Dunaway Swing Model”) has been delayed.

Most Recent Video Downloads Currently Available For A Limited Time At 50% Off:

  • The MCS Golf Swing Video “E = MCS” 
  • The “EMCS2 – The Follow Up” Video
  • The “MCS – The Kinetic Chain” Video

You will find various Combo Offers Below the Individual Videos

The “E = MCS” Swing Video

The golf swing video that breaks the MCS Golf Swing theory down to its simplest possible explanation and mechanical action. This video features a full breakdown of the 3 parts of the stance also known as the “Fundamentals Trifecta” which are the Address, Ball Position & Grip.  Also explains the pivot action broken down into the “One Major Move,” with several drills & exercises to help hone the pivot & entire swing mechanics.


USD $35.95 $69.99

The “EMCS2 – The Follow-Up” Video is a continuation of the “E = MCS” Swing Video, exploring the most common trouble areas in building your proper Address position & the trouble spots in the swing, from the beginning of the back swing pivot, the transition to the down swing, the half-way down “getting stuck” area and of course through impact & follow-through to the finish.

It contains the highly-complimented “One Exercise” using a Kettle Bell or similar implement, to deal with all of the above trouble areas of the swing, and also provides an excellent method to both hone one’s swing & build strength & endurance in your motion.

The “E = MCS” & “EMCS2” Video Combo


USD $49.95 $99.95

The reviews are already coming in:

celliott: You distilled the golf swing down to its essence. It was clear, concise, and to the point.  The pressure plate, weight transfer explanation by itself was worth the price of the video. You far exceeded your promise to make this your best video ever; this one is special.

DKondo: You have cracked the DaVinci Code of golf instruction DJ… clear and concise. No extra stuff needed. Needless to say, played my best round of the year post shoulder replacement after watching the video just once.

Idabedda: WOW! Best golf video on the planet! Answered so many questions, I was working way to hard before. Swing feels under control and effortless, thanx a million!

Van: Just finished watching it. I actually got up and did the ‘wall drill’ halfway through lol. Great job DJ. Great video. Now to get my hands on a kettlebell.

Lupz27: Oh the simplicity! Amazing how you can break down the optimal way to swing in just minutes in a way anyone should be able to understand, and with practice perform.


Get the 3-Video MCS Golf Swing Combo and Save 25% Off the Combined Prices!!

USD $59.95 $119.95


  • “E = MCS”
  • “EMCS2”
  • “MCS – The Kinetic Chain”

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