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Review From David D.

The MCS Golf eBook  is the clearest and best explanation in written form of  how to swing a golf club  that I have ever read.

It is especially invaluable because it emphasizes swinging a golf club in a mechanically-sound way so as to avoid injury and for that purpose employs as its model the classic golf swing used by the greats of the past, such as Nicklaus, Hogan and Jones, rather than the modern golf swing which has caused Tour players and amateurs alike to experience injury.

Every golfer will benefit from the insights contained in  this eBook.

I am releasing the newly-completed “The MCS Golf Swing” eBook to the public now that everyone who pre-ordered has received their copies – happy reading, WAX Nation!

As I said yesterday, I have some formatting to finish and will be reading through it a few times more in order to make sure I haven’t missed anything (the book as it stands is over 100 pages, so I don’t think I missed much of anything).

The formatting is just a frustrating thing when stuff changes from the working copy to the formatted one – so, I’ll be working on the formatting to tighten up the appearance, but none of that warranted delaying the release.

That said, I’ll be sending out a “Final Edition” to everyone who pre-ordered the eBook as well as anyone who downloads the current copy before the final version is finished, so it’s a win-win – you get it now and the Final Edition in the next few days to a couple of weeks – now that the 1st Edition is out, I’m going to take a good, hard look at making it even better.

So, here it is!

Note: For those who have inquired about buying the eBook together with the two MCS videos, “E = MCS” and the “EMCS2 – The Follow Up “ videos – you can now get all three, and for the next week, I will include the eBook as a special bonus to the regular combo price. Link is below the eBook download link.

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