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I Like The Feedback I’m Getting On MCS This Year!

I am very appreciative of the feedback I’ve been receiving on all aspects of the MCS Golf Swing theory – thanks, everyone!

I’ll share a couple from just yesterday, on the posting regarding the impact “wall” and on the newly-released eBook “The MCS Golf Swing.”

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MCS – I Can’t Over-State The Importance Of The Primary Lever

If there is anything you take out of the MCS Golf Swing theory (and hopefully, it won’t be just one thing), I can’t over-state the importance of the Primary Lever in building your leveraged golf swing.

Everything else in the MCS theory, from the stance, grip and ball position (also known as the Fundamentals Trifecta in these here parts) is designed to allow you to maximize your use of the Primary Lever.

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The “MCS Golf Swing” eBook Weekend Is Nigh!

I’m close enough to having completed the “MCS Golf Swing” eBook to declare my near-certainty that it will be finished this coming weekend, perhaps at the very latest by Monday.

I can say that because the brute work of the writing is nearly completed, after which I will be in the editing stage on the weekend, but since I usually am very strict in my writing (editing as I go along), I don’t see that taking more than a couple of days once I’m finished with the writing.

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Hips & Legs + Stable Head = Awesome Leverage

For those of you looking for that awesome leverage demonstrated by the likes of Jack Nicklaus in his heyday, I have good news for you.

It can be naturally produced with the simple equation I’ve given you in the post title.

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Pre-Orders End Tonight For “MCS Golf Swing” eBook!

I will leave the order window open for a limited time, but I have begun work on the final project of the MCS Golf Swing theory, now that I’ve covered the entire swing model in the “E = MCS” swing video.

Tentative Release Date is slated for January 15th.

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