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Lefty MCS Swinger (Great Action)

I spent some time this weekend with a Wax Golf’er who visited me from Quebec province.

Charles is a physiotherapist and a 4 handicap who has been following my MCS swing research all the way back to when I was posting swing videos (when he mentioned seeing me swinging while wearing a bucket hat, I was floored, because I haven’t worn one since ’09 or ’10).

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The Left, Right & Full Body Swings

arms at addressI have blogged a good deal about how, even though we hold the golf club with both hands, we tend to be “dominant” with one side of our bodies or the other.

For example, you’ll have a right-handed swinger swinging right-handed, and they¬†will be dominant with the righ hand, in the “throwing” or “pushing” type of visual to their swing action.

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