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The Hip Stall Comes From A Proper “3 To 9” Sequence

A while back, Jim asked a question about the “hip stall”┬áhe noticed in Mickey Wright’s swing, and which everyone talks about in Rory McIlroy’s impact phase, and I had answered back then that it is part of an efficient transfer of power to the ball (“cracking the whip”) that anyone can do with a proper down swing sequence.

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Rory McIlroy’s Hip Stall – He’s “Cracking The Whip”

rory 3w addrI may be close to the end of my golf swing blogging, but I do have a few more things floating around the old noggin that I might not have shared yet… like “cracking the whip…”

One of the cool things about having a mechanically-sound swing is that you can recognize the traits of power-generation in other moves and swingers.

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