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Another Wax Nation Citizen Drops In

All the way from California, another Wax Nation citizen (whom you’ve probably seen before in the comments section) was travelling and in the area, and took the time to stop in for a visit and a little consult on his swing today.

Fortunately, the weather turned out to be awesome, much warmer than forecast, and a brilliantly sunny morning set things off perfectly.

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Full Circle In 4 Years – Back To “Swinging A Stick”

swing a stickSome of you have been around for more than the past couple of years, so I bet you’ll remember the video I made over 3 years back (released November ’13), when I said I had figured out the concept of the Mike Austin swing model, and it was as simple as “swinging a stick.”

Well, not to my surprise, because I fully know how to swing a stick, that concept was correct, and the only problem I had with it was the same problem I had with the MA model.

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On Finding Mike Dunaway

md-dj-finishOnce again, I have proven to myself (if not to anyone else) that you really can’t figure out some things just by looking at them.

With the one exception of having figured out Ben Hogan’s pivot action simply by watching him in video clips and then mimicking the action, I haven’t ever figured out a swing move in any way other than having performed the action and then having seen that it was like someones else’s.

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Pullers Or Struggling With The “Drop” – PT II of “Hammer”

jn-djI will be very specific here, for anyone who is thinking I may have come up with something new in picking up a 10% increase in speed on my SwingRite training tool (10% is a conservative estimate, and I’m not done yet).

I haven’t – I am a left-handed person swinging right-handed, and all I’m doing is applying the MCS swing principles in a better fashion – that’s it!

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Gravity Experiment – Over Before It Begins

hammer-drop2And that’s a good thing – but I am still going to do what I had intended to do, which was to see what kind of ball speed I could muster with the Momentus heavy driver that jh32 donated to the cause.

However, what I was planning to explore, I have already confirmed with the SwingRite swing stick, as I mentioned in yesterday’s posting.  I just forgot to include a relevant part when I digressed regarding the SwingRite.

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The Down Swing & Release – Hollow The Shaft (Video)

club-shaftThis is a little clip from the four hours of video that I shot last summer and fall with David D.

Of course, everything couldn’t make it into the final cut of the “MCS – Dropping The Hammer” video, but here’s a little out-take that will be familiar to the old hands.

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“Dropping The Hammer” Was It – For High To Low Hdcps

mcs-dropping-the-hammerI’ve been a little taken aback by the enthusiasm for the “MCS – Dropping The Hammer” video, and for a surprising reason – it was what was apparently missing from the MCS video series in taking a look at how the average person would implement the mechanically-sound principles in the MCS swing theory.

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Hmm… Something About Jack Nicklaus’ Hammer Position

nicklaus-hammerI was going to title this posting “Best Modern Golf Swing Fail EVER,” because I’ve been getting some feedback on a certain swing people have noticed in the new “MCS – Dropping The Hammer” video.

Now, I’m not one to make fun of people hitting balls at range – they’re all trying, but the guy who photo-bombed a certain segment of my video has to be seen to be believed.

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Why Mike Dunaway’s Down Swing

mike dunaway impact

I have some personal matters arise which require attending-to this morning, so I thought I’d dash this quick post off before doing so, and when I return home in the afternoon, it’ll be back to work on the video, which is now nearly complete.

Touch and go and day to day!  But before I head out, here’s my thought on MD.

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