Shot Data Series

I’m going to tag postings on this series with the tag of “Shot Data” so people can find this info later on.

Basically, my 1st ever numbers session, while curtailed (I thought I had an hour instead of the half-hour booked and had to rush though my irons at the end to get the data), is still a gold-mine of info for stat geeks, until I can get in more sessions at a later date for subsequent numbers series.

I will show you some stats in this initial series posting for the Driver, then the 7 and 5 irons in later postings, and I’ll be returning to these same stats to illustrate various points on how MCS Theory supports and the data proves the way you really want to swing your golf club.

Here and below the posted data pics, you will find the link to postings on different aspects of the shot analysis.

The Launch Monitor

  • Foresight Sports GC Quad

The Driver

  • Callaway Rogue, 9 Degree club set to 8 Degrees, 46″ Fuji Pro 2 6X Shaft

Shot Data

Drive 1

Drive 2


Drive 3

Drive 4

Drive 5

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