MCS “Dropping The Hammer Download”

MCS “Dropping The Hammer” Now Available For Download!

The long-awaited video (and Part 3 of the new MCS Trilogy Series pack) is now here!  In MCS “Dropping The Hammer,” DJ reveals his concept for how to produce that hammer-like power at impact and through release.

Most power hitters can’t explain what it is about their swing that makes them so powerful and long-hitting, but as you can see, comparing a young Jack Nicklaus’ stance to the MCS address position, DJ has figured it out!


In addition to “Dropping The Hammer” concept, you’ll get a new “floating pivot” concept for how to perform your MCS pivot, and this 90-minute video includes, for the first time, DJ working with 73 year old David D., an amateur golfer and not a pro or scratch-level college/am player.


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MCS Trilogy Package


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Part 3 – “MCS – Dropping The Hammer” – The newest swing concept “Dropping The Hammer,” as well as a new pivot concept for the MCS golf swing, and working with a non-pro or scratch player in implementing the MCS Golf Swing model

Part 2 – “MCS – Perfect Pivot” – Continuing from “Kinesiology,” breaking down the “perfect pivot” action of Ben Hogan’s golf swing, and showing the MCS swings of pro/scratch level golfers, along with DJ’s.

Part 1 – “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” – The mechanically-correct way to build a golf swing, with drills and training aids to demonstrate proper athletic motion in swinging in the “Classic Golf Swing” method of the greatest golfers of the Classic Era (Bobby Jones to Jack Nicklaus).