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Long Drive’s Descent Continues (Congrats To Joe Miller 2X Champ)

joe-millerCongratulations are in order to Joe Miller of Great Britain, who won his second World Long Drive Championship last night (first time 2010 Remax) over Ryan Steenberg, with a best drive of 423 yards to Steenberg’s final best of 412 yards.

Joe Miller is a great Champion and has awesome speed and power, along with a great floating-heel back swing pivot, as does just about every other world-class long driver.  His win is well-deserved.

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Tim Burke Wins 2nd WLDC Title

burkeTim Burke, the 2013 WLDC winner has taken his second title at the Long Drivers of America/Golf Channel hosted 2015 World Long Drive Championship.

He beat Jeremy Easterly’s Final Round best drive of 386 with a 394 yard first blast, and the finals were pretty much over then.

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This Is Scary… Joe Miller Is Floating His Heel…

miler top I have not watched the WLDC for some time, due to my dissatisfaction with a few things about it.

I wasn’t planning to watch this year’s event on the Golf Channel, but Andreas Persson, a multi-time competitor in the former Remax WLDC, just got me very excited about it, with one picture.

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