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Wax Golf Southwest Summit 2 In The Books!

received_1005708046176993I am sitting out in DKondo’s backyard a little after 6am, enjoying the cool desert air as the first pale rays of the sun paint the rooftops.

After a whole day in that same blazing sun at the Wax Golf Southwest Summit 2, it is very refreshing!

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Taking In A Cactus Tour Event

legacy resort hole 11DKondo
suggested we take in a Cactus Tour event today before tomorrow’s Wax Golf Summit at the Golf Club of Estrella, so we headed up the I-10 to the Legacy Resort Course in the South Mountain area, Phoenix.

DKondo has taken an interest in the ladies’ golf scene, especially the development tour, and we had a thoroughly enjoyable time following some groups and sitting to watch others pass by.
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Wax Golf Boot Camp In Arizona

received_1003810089700122It was a great morning at DKondo’s this morning.  Humbray stopped by with son Nick and his friend Brian, and before too long NB and I were on the putting green looking at his pivot.

Brian (BV) stepped up and after a while, we all convened to DK’s hitting station, where we started off hitting 8 irons before moving to the Driver.

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Wax Golf SW Summit 2 – Goodyear, AZ – April 4th

dj at clinicUpdate: While the Summit is planned for the 4th, I will actually be in Arizona from April 1st through the 5th, so if anyone can’t make the Summit but wishes to do something swing-related, send me an email (see my contact page) or make a comment in the sign-up form, and I will see what we can do!


I’m pleased to announce that there will be a 2nd Wax Golf Southwest Summit at the Golf Club of Estrella on April 4th!

I’m going back to Arizona for a little more shooting on the upcoming “MCS – Perfect Pivot video, and Trevor Finton from Estrella G.C. graciously agreed to provide the venue for another Summit.

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There’s No “Perfect Swing” – The “Pivot” However…

bt & djI have four different pivots to show you, and they are all from the MCS golf swing model.

You’re going to see the pivots of yours truly, the swing model developer, and two very good low-handicap players, DKondo & MWehrman, and of the resident pro, Jerry Crowell, PGA.

We would use the swings for slightly varying purposes – Jerry of course is a tournament player and wants to maximize his scoring potential, and can’t afford any big misses or weird shots that come out of nowhere.

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Goin’ Back To AZ!

IMG_20160307_154051Well, I am writing this post with my newly-bought RCA tablet with keyboard attachment.

The laptop I took with me to Arizona last week was little more than an annoying paperweight, as its wifi function was non-functioning on the trip. (**Wax Members can read a little more about the upcoming trip at DJ’s Watering Hole).

It is why I barely posted anything on previous trips. Now, I have my nifty little tablet with which to post, and I should be able to continue posting while traveling in future.

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Wow – Post AZ Summit Feedback (Updated)

20160309_095236Another email received, at bottom

I have said that it is virtually impossible to make lasting swing changes overnight, but I may have to revisit that belief.

It seems that simply changing one’s setup to the proper one (or closer to the proper setup, if not absolutely correct) can yield immediate results.

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