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A Wax Southwest (And Ohio) Reunion

I consider humbray to be a part of the Southwest Wax crew even though he’s a Mid-Westerner, as he spends time down there and since we meet through DKondo, who is an Ohio transplant to Goodyear, AZ and who set up the first Southwest Summits.

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Another Wax Nation Citizen Drops In

All the way from California, another Wax Nation citizen (whom you’ve probably seen before in the comments section) was travelling and in the area, and took the time to stop in for a visit and a little consult on his swing today.

Fortunately, the weather turned out to be awesome, much warmer than forecast, and a brilliantly sunny morning set things off perfectly.

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Look At What Happens When You Don’t “Put Your Back Into It”

dj imp estrellaI like to tell the story of how I tweaked something in my back a couple of days before a flight to Arizona to participate in the first Wax Southwest Summit last March, because for one, it’s true, and secondly, it may help someone out there.

So, it has officially paid off for a Wax Nation member who just shared the following little anecdote with me (thanks Mr. H!), on how this helped out.

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Happy New Year From Wax Golf! (Video Montage)

advance-happy-new-year-2017_3I may not post again before we all ring in the New Year, so let me take the opportunity now to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year!

I compiled a little video montage from my travels to the U.S. earlier in the year to meet with Wax Nation members and for consultations, just a little taste of what 2016 was like for Wax Golf down south of the border.

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Wax Golf – Asia Chapter Is Born

rp-jiWell, we have had in the past year some Wax Golf meet-ups in California and Arizona in addition of course to the Toronto-area group (mine), but this is something special – Wax Golf has had a meeting of two Wax Nation citizens in Asia, HKGolf & Jason I.!

They connected here on the blog and HKG sent me a few pics from yesterday’s round of golf at the Jockey Club Kai Sai Chau course in Hong Kong.

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“There’s Gold In Them Thar Hills…” (Beyond Perfect Pivot)

d-doubilet-july-18I have to hand it to David D., because he may have single-handedly kicked off the “Beyond Perfect Pivot” video concept, which I had envisioned as an accessory to the MCS Trilogy Series, which ends, of course with the “MCS – Perfect Pivot” video.

What David did, while we were working on his swing that day (primarily the address position – if you nail the Fundamentals Trifecta, you’ll be in great shape to start your swing), was focus on getting it all down.

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Swinging MCS At 73 Years Old

david-d-positionUpdateDavid D. thanks me for the compliment, but has informed me that I got his age wrong – he’s actually 73! /update

I got together with a longtime Member and friend, David D., who is 67 73 years young and who wanted a little work on his swing at season’s end.

We hadn’t seen each other in about a year, perhaps longer (it was last season around the same time), and all the work we did was on the stance, to get him into a more athletically-correct swinging position.

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Congrats To MWehrman! Takes Gamble Sands Open

mwehrman & djOur very own Wax Nation Member Michael Wehrman plays in The Golf Channel’s GolfAmTour and yesterday he took the Gamble Sands Open in Brewster, Wa.!

MWehrman has been featured here on Wax in the past due to his excellent MCS swing, and will actually have a couple of swings featured on the upcoming “MCS – Perfect Pivot” video when it is finally completed.

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Humbray & Son @ Thornhill Golf & CC

sheldonfthgcI mentioned yesterday that I saw Wax Member Humbray again, having met him last summer on his first journey from Ohio.

It was a great time, as I had also wanted to meet Sheldon Friske, a pro at Thornhill Golf & C.C. in Vaughan, having corresponded with him over the winter.  He and Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell are friends and what he was hearing about the MCS swing methodology interested him.

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