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Swinging MCS At 73 Years Old

david-d-positionUpdateDavid D. thanks me for the compliment, but has informed me that I got his age wrong – he’s actually 73! /update

I got together with a longtime Member and friend, David D., who is 67 73 years young and who wanted a little work on his swing at season’s end.

We hadn’t seen each other in about a year, perhaps longer (it was last season around the same time), and all the work we did was on the stance, to get him into a more athletically-correct swinging position.

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Congrats To MWehrman! Takes Gamble Sands Open

mwehrman & djOur very own Wax Nation Member Michael Wehrman plays in The Golf Channel’s GolfAmTour and yesterday he took the Gamble Sands Open in Brewster, Wa.!

MWehrman has been featured here on Wax in the past due to his excellent MCS swing, and will actually have a couple of swings featured on the upcoming “MCS – Perfect Pivot” video when it is finally completed.

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There’s No “Perfect Swing” – The “Pivot” However…

bt & djI have four different pivots to show you, and they are all from the MCS golf swing model.

You’re going to see the pivots of yours truly, the swing model developer, and two very good low-handicap players, DKondo & MWehrman, and of the resident pro, Jerry Crowell, PGA.

We would use the swings for slightly varying purposes – Jerry of course is a tournament player and wants to maximize his scoring potential, and can’t afford any big misses or weird shots that come out of nowhere.

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The Golf Swing – It’s All About The Pivot

larry2013 dtlThe golf swing is all about the pivot, and because it’s all about the pivot, it’s also all about the address stance and position relative to the ball and the ground.

I mentioned yesterday that one of my Wax Nation citizens paid me a visit on Monday and was blown away when we worked on and talked about the pivot (Jack Nicklaus-style) and he then hit his 7 iron with his first swing of the day, at least a club longer than he is used to hitting it.

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