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Lefty MCS Swinger (Great Action)

I spent some time this weekend with a Wax Golf’er who visited me from Quebec province.

Charles is a physiotherapist and a 4 handicap who has been following my MCS swing research all the way back to when I was posting swing videos (when he mentioned seeing me swinging while wearing a bucket hat, I was floored, because I haven’t worn one since ’09 or ’10).

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I Improved Someone’s Quality Of Life??

larry before & after dtlThat is a humbling experience, because as we go about our daily business, do we ever really give credence or even passing thought to the possibility that we, in that course, may actually change someone’s life?

For the worse, it’s pretty easy.

But helping to improve one’s quality of life?

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Wax Golf Boot Camp In Arizona

received_1003810089700122It was a great morning at DKondo’s this morning.  Humbray stopped by with son Nick and his friend Brian, and before too long NB and I were on the putting green looking at his pivot.

Brian (BV) stepped up and after a while, we all convened to DK’s hitting station, where we started off hitting 8 irons before moving to the Driver.

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Humbray & Son @ Thornhill Golf & CC

sheldonfthgcI mentioned yesterday that I saw Wax Member Humbray again, having met him last summer on his first journey from Ohio.

It was a great time, as I had also wanted to meet Sheldon Friske, a pro at Thornhill Golf & C.C. in Vaughan, having corresponded with him over the winter.  He and Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell are friends and what he was hearing about the MCS swing methodology interested him.

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Jack Smyth (“Lil Rory”) – Tournament Day

jacks releaseJerry’s young pupil Jack Smyth, also known as “Lil Rory,” is playing his first 2016 event, the Western Junior Cup at the Revere at Anthem in Henderson, NV.

It’s a 2 man team, 4 ball event, and BT captured a great dtl, 1st tee swing to start Jack’s round, as he’s caddying today.

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DKondo Wins Big Bucks At Year End Event

DKondoIt was a full slate for DKondo last week.

Not only did he attend the Wax Golf meetup in Riverside, CA last week at Goose Creek G.C., he finished the previous season off in style at his golf association’s year-end event on the Monday.

I got to see DK swinging personally for the first time when he made it, and I have to say that this would be no surprise.

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Update on “Lil Rory” – Amazing

jacks releaseSo I featured on the blog yesterday, one of Jerry “BT” Crowell’s newer swing students (been about 3 weeks), and whom Jerry says is making daily progress on his changes.

I was going to post some new swings of Jerry’s with iron from yesterday, but hold the phone…

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Awesome Amateur MCS Swing

wax golferI am very proud of my Wax Members, as they are a knowledgeable group who collectively works hard on their swing mechanics, and who constantly surprise me with their ability to adapt to and implement the MCS swing theory applications.

This swing I’m going to show you is no different.  This particular Wax Member has been with the group for about a year, and he’s part of DKondo’s West Coast chapter, some of whom will be in Southern California (next month!!) for the first-ever Wax Golf get-together outside of where I live and work.

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Why BT Is Inland Empire’s Teacher Of The Year (Lil’ MCS!)

lil mcsIf this video clip doesn’t illustrate why Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell was SCPGA Inland Empire Chapter’s “Teacher of the Year” for 2015, then I don’t know what will.

Here is a first look of the future of MCS swing theory – a classic, back-to-basics golf swing that looks like the days of Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson golf swings, and this one’s a beaut.

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