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Mechanically-Correct Doesn’t Mean Just One Model…

BubbaLest anyone think that I am claiming with my “MCS” model, I have discovered the only way to swing a golf club or anything like what you here from the golf swing gurus about “their” own swing models.

If a swing is mechanically-sound or correct, then of course you will see certain things in it – for example, you need a free and full hip turn without any attempt to restrict it, for a swing to be mechanically-correct.

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Ryan Steenberg’s A-1 Long Drive Swing

rsIf you watched last week’s World Long Drive Championship, you would have seen very good form from the two Finalists.

Everyone has been looking at Joe Miller’s swing, but I wanted to show Finalist runner-up Ryan Steenberg’s swing, because there’s a lot you can learn from it (if you watch any of the MCS Trilogy swing videos, you’ll learn the same things).

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What In The World, Vijay Singh? (Updated)

az(**Update at Bottom)

I haven’t posted since Sunday, as I’m deep in the task of finishing the “MCS – Perfect Pivot video, and really want to get it done and have it available this week.

As always, the task of winnowing out material to leave the best possible 1 hour of video is what takes time.  So much material produced over the years, and so much to go through to make this hoped-for final video project on the MCS full swing as good as I want it to be.

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Dear Tiger – You’re Not Sam Snead

snead topOh dear, Tiger Woods is into the crazy-talk again.

No, Tiger, you’re not Sam Snead.

You’re not even Vijay Singh – he was as good a ball-striker as you were, even better, when he was 40.

When he won his 3rd and last major, the PGA Championship in 2004 and achieved the Number 1 mark in the World Golf Rankings, he was 41 and a half years old.

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