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There Is An MCS “Perfect Pivot”

trailing heelComing to Wax Golf in 2016, I’ll be unveiling the concept of the “Perfect Pivot” as it relates to the MCS golf swing model.

If you’re confused about that, then I’ll explain again – there is a set model for a golf swing if you want to perform it with maximum efficiency and mechanical-correctness, and within that model, you can vary your mechanical action to produce different swings that are still mcs (mechanically-correct).

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Once More – The “Leg Snap” Is A Flaw – A Bad One…

rear view seqYou hear all of the praise in TV announcers’ analyses of the “jumping bean” swingers on Tour who like to think they are generating awesome power and leverage with the leading leg “snap” through impact.

What you’re doing, in actuality, is compensating for a swing model that has you out of optimal leveraging position coming into impact, and so you have to hyper-extend the leading leg to get the lead hip and shoulder back to allow clearance of the right side.

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How Jack Nicklaus Got That “Ultimate Leverage”

7i topI shot this clip today as promised, to show how to increase your leverage to the “ultimate” level as in that of Jack Nicklaus’ swing.

This is another reason I’ve decided to say good-bye to the “throw release” terminology – the proper golf swing uses both sides of the body, and a right-arm-only swing is as mechanically incorrect as a
left-arm-only swing.

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Beware The Two Nicklauses (When Looking At Swing Form)

Nicklaus-SwingCentersI’ve been having an interesting discussion with a Wax Nation Member about Jack Nicklaus’ spine tilt.

I want to actually tell people, if they’re going to research Nicklaus’ swing through video or pictures – beware the two Nicklauses.

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Why Jack Nicklaus Is The Best of All Time

inar01_nicklausswingAnd this isn’t a personality or popularity contest.  I base my opinion on the following things:

First of all, it’s because he won over 70 PGA Tour events, including 18 Majors, while married and raising kids with his wife Mrs. Nicklaus.

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Why Most People Fail To Change Their Swing

steep down swingNumber 1 and simplest reason – they don’t commit to it.

2nd reason?  They don’t commit to it.

3rd reason?  They don’t know what to change or how, thinking that you can remove a swing flaw from a moving motion by simply deciding to.

Let me tell you a little something that the teaching gurus don’t tell you – without completely overhauling your swing, you aren’t going to change anything, and if you don’t make the commitment to see it through, you’re dead in the water to begin with.

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Coming Over The Top? Here’s One Session With MCS…

before-afterI had a session today with a Wax reader, Richard, who is a pretty good player to begin with, with a single-digit handicap at his club.

Richard (big, big Ben Hogan fan, one of the first things he mentioned was last year’s Wax Golf Ben Hogan Project) first watched the MCS “Ultimate Leverage” video about a month ago, if I’m correct, and decided he wanted a little personal tuning.

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MCS – Consistency & The Swing Bottom

sw impThis wedge impact picture tells you all you need to know about why a swing model like MCS “Ultimate Leverage” gives you such consistency with your wedges through the long irons.

Especially with the wedges, when you have a model that lets you swing to the swing bottom in the same way, you quickly gain an understanding of just how consistent and accurate you can make your swing game.

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Shark & Bake Saturday – Dustin Johnson’s Ball Speed

dustin numbersUpdated With Newer Swing Clip From June 11

I must confess, I’ll never lose that drive for the maximum distance and power, because I’ve always been a power swinger.

What I set out to figure out, around ten years ago, was how to make that power more consistent and repeatable, so that I could keep the ball in play and, even better, out of trouble with missed shots.

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Big Toilet’s Effortless Power (300+ Yard Drives)

bt drv 1aYou’ve seen Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell’s new swing, rebuilt over the months since we began working on it last August or so.

You also know that the MCS “Ultimate Leverage” is the swing model that I built for him and which has turned out to be “the” swing model for MCS swingers and will remain so until a better model arises, the likelihood of which occurrence is, in my opinion, between highly unlikely and impossible.

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