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Friday Fun – Putting At Torrey Pines South…

par putt torreyI will be returning to my regular blogging this weekend, having taken the past week to digest the trip to Southern California and to get back to work on Blake’s swing with him.

What I am coming to appreciate more and more, since my return, are the pictures and videos I took at Torrey Pines when I followed Blake and his dad Trey around the South Course.

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On Leverage Pt II

blake elliot address to impact torrey pinesHere is a swing sequence of Blake from address to just post-impact, and you can see why he hits it such a long way now even with his slim build – the “perfect pivot” action puts him in an awesome leverage position at the top and the rest is poetry in motion.

The funny story from the trip to Murrietta is that, before I went down, his dad and I had discussed where his trouble points were and what he needed to get settled for the upcoming college season.

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