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Blast From The Past – Peter Uihlein & Morgan Hoffmann

peter-uihlein-golf_copy_t640Update – Originally posted October 16, 2013, and I thought it would be run to revisit the swings of two golfers featured in GolfDigest as being the “modern-day prototype(s) for the post-Tiger Woods era.”

Of course, that was before TW broke his back with his and Sean Foley’s version of the Modern Golf Swing, and you won’t believe what Morgan Hoffmann’s swing guru was presenting as a proper swing 4 years ago… /update

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“This Isn’t Even Wrong” Edition – Restricted vs Full Hip Turn (Golf WRX)

wrx2OK, everyone is talking about the posting purporting to “test” Brandel Chamblee’s assertions (and it’s news to me that Chamblee is the originator of something I’ve been saying myself for years now, and that Jack Nicklaus rejected in 1974, but whatever), that a restricted-hip swing is harmful to the lower back.

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this confusing piece of non-analysis from Tom Stickney II over at Golf WRX, because I’m getting emails about it – you fellas are quick – so here goes, guys!

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Hunter Mahan Doesn’t Use His Hips (New Foley Video)

mahan at impact“This isn’t even wrong….”

I’m updating this post to include a video clip of Sean Foley describing how to hit one’s irons.

Notice how he says, “That’s gonna give you the slide I need with the hips…”

Now, remember that you don’t use your hips in the golf swing, according to Mr. Mahan.


Originally posted July 28, 2013

I do believe Hunter has written the funniest thing I’ve ever read about the golf swing.

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