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Here’s How To Use The SwingRite At The Range (Video)

I don’t always take the SwingRite out of the bag during my range sessions, but when I was investigating the John Daly/Mike Dunaway leverage aspect yesterday, I made sure to take it with me because of the “feel” I had swinging it over the weekend.

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For Your “3 To 9” SwingRite Concept – Hollow The Shaft

club-shaft** Originally Posted February 13, 2017 – revised for the SwingRite reference & concept at Bottom

This is a little clip from the four hours of video that I shot last summer and fall with David D.

Of course, everything couldn’t make it into the final cut of the “MCS – Dropping The Hammer” video, but here’s a little out-take that will be familiar to the old hands.

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Watch Ben Hogan’s “3 To 9” Action

I have already pointed out one of the elements of Ben Hogan’s golf swing included in the MCS Golf Swing, of course – it wouldn’t be what it is without the “floating pivot” action (fully mobile hips & legs while the head remains stable, “floating in place”) that is the signature move of the model.

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“3 To 9” Is The Key To The MCS Swing

If you get anything out of the MCS Golf Swing theory at all (besides the obvious, that the address position is the foundation of the swing and that the swing is driven by freely pivoting hips & legs), I would hope it is the “3 To 9” concept.

This area is so problematic for most swingers and has become even more so in the Modern Golf Swing era due to the restricted-hip back swing.

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Speed Training – The SwingRite For The 3rd Lever

Now that I’ve come to the end of my development of the MCS Golf Swing model, I can concentrate on helping everyone hone their own version of this swing model, and today I’d like to address the 3rd Lever action.

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It’s The Kettle Bell & The SwingRite (2 Tools)

Aside from your actual clubs and balls, the two tools I feel are both necessary and adequate for drilling the MCS Golf Swing model both from a technique & speed/power point of view are the Kettle Bell (or various ones, if you’re going to experiment with variable weights) and the SwingRite training aid, and I’ll explain why.

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Do You Have A SwingRite? Use WAX Golf’s “MCS” For A $25 Discount!

I have been in contact with Kate from the makers of theĀ SwingRite golf training device, trying to see if I could get them out to people at a lower price, and if you haven’t already gotten one, I have good news – you’ll be able to get one and save $25 if you enter the code MCS when ordering one that lets them know you heard about it from WAX Golf!

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