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I’m Onto Something Big… Working On It…

feb27-mar3It’s not a new model, that ship has sailed.

The only model I will ever present is the current one, with the MCS standard right-biased address and the positions I’ve referenced within that stance.

It’s not really a mechanics change, as any pivot I perform with my golf swing is according to the mechanics I’ve laid out in the MCS Trilogy Series, so what am I working on?

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Learning How To Repeat

swingrite-addr-topIf I am anything when it comes to the swing, it’s hyper-focused on the “how” far more than that theĀ “what.”

If that doesn’t make sense, then I’ll try this – it means nothing to me that XYZ player achieved X club speed or that even I myself have achieved Z ball speed, without knowing the “how” of that achievement.

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Sneak Peek – DJ’s Right-Dominant Swing

swingrite-addr-topI shot a quick video clip of the right-dominant swing action I’ve been working on for the last while, and I can’t believe how much more compact it is than what I used to consider my best action.

As you’ll see and hear, this adjustment for me has dramatically increased my speed and power as I use the SwingRite stick for feedback, and today was the first day swinging after having determined what I was doing to get to the speed setting I’m on right now.

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Swinging Right-Dominant – Personal Records Are Going To Fall

swingriteI have been doing some swing work and I can tell that I’ve found my position to be able to swing right-dominant instead of “pulling” the swing as I have, being a left-handed person swinging right-handed.

I haven’t shot any video of myself swinging this way yet, but the results are promising – I have been going at it with my SwingRite stick (hello J.M.!), which I’ve had since a reader sent it to me in 2010.

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