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Peter Kostis Responds To My Question

kostisSo I got some answers from Peter Kostis regarding my question to him on Sam Snead’s swing compared to the modern players.

First of all, I respect a guy who responds to challenges, even if the challenge comes in the form of implied criticism, which mine certainly could be construed to be.

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Brandel Chamblee Spills The Beans – “Modern Swing Sucks”

floating heelPardon the phrasing in the title, but that’s the cold hard truth of it.

The modern swing, any model you want to choose from – if it involves a planted leading heel and restricted hips on the back swing, it is a bogus swing model.

Period.  And now, it seems the powers that be in the golf industry are loosening the reins ever so slightly to allow the analysts on TV to say the same thing.

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