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Steve Elkington Shows The Hogan Pivot – Excellent

elk pivotI had posted earlier that although I’d always heard Steve Elkington had a great golf swing, I hadn’t yet conducted my swing research the last time I saw him swing.

So I wouldn’t have known the difference between a classic versus modern golf swing.

Then, when I finally got around to looking at Elk’s swing – oh yeah, not only a great swing, it’s of course a classic era golf swing.

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Steve Elkington – How MCS Is THIS SWING?!?!

steve elkington topI have to admit to having overlooked Steve Elkington in the search for MCS type swings from the PGA Tour to show everyone – thanks to Joe S. for sending me the face-on video!

And the great thing about my work – I now have my readers sending me videos to check out for MCS characteristics – you can’t help but see what a good swing is when you get into the MCS way of looking at the swing.

So as I am saying, I’ve missed Elk – I know of him very well as a multiple Tour event and ’95 PGA Championship winner.

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