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On The Golf Swing & DJ’s Scoliosis

addrIn answer to a question from Laser – I wrote about this years ago and have mentioned it many times in passing, but if there is any curiosity as to what exactly I am talking about when I mention it, here’s the deal with my scoliosis and how it affected everything I did in golf.

If you think of a spinal column as a straight vertical line viewed from the back, my spine more resembles a very gentle “S” curve from the base – it starts from the base and curves gently to the left, then back to the right and continues up to the C7 vertebra.

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How Did I EVER Hit A Ball?

dj imp dtlLet alone pelt them over 350 yards?

I found my true adjustment-for-my-scoliosis today, an even better one than the angled foot line adjustment.

And I found it by figuring out that I actually have two swing arcs because of the spinal twist and the nature of a circular golf swing.

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