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Day 1 Right-Dominant Leading Leverage – Irons

I am still not posting video of swings as I said previously, because the changes are so significant in the work I’m doing day to day that any video I post would be obsolete the next day.

I do have some gifs however of some iron swings to go with the Driver swings posted on Sunday, from three angles (5 Iron), and I have done some more work since then, so the next swings I show will be even closer to my vision.

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Right Domimant + Left Side, Day 1 – Wow!

It went better than I could have hoped, because this is a very strange and different (for me) move – swinging with leading side leverage AND a right-dominant mechanical action!

I got hold of a visual concept halfway through the session that just worked so beautifully for me, I will eventually share this, because it is awesome.

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FYI – I Wasn’t Planting The Heel

I have received some email inquiries about the right-dominant swing motion I posted a couple of days ago, and I suppose many of the Wax Golf readers currently visiting the site weren’t around in September of 2015, when I released the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” video.

If you have it, then I would suggest re-viewing the portion on the so-called “modern golf” version of the MCS swing, wherein I explained the nature of the “floating heel.”

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Masters Friday – Waiting For Spring…

So, the season apparently kicked off nearly two weeks ago and today, I awoke to yet another snow event, although it doesn’t distress me too much.

I got more accomplished in my two range sessions than I had expected, and the forecast today was for rain anyways.

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Right Dominant MCS – Down The Line

Here are some swings shown down the line.

Note: While I had the camera positioned properly for the iron swings, I neglected to shift it when I teed up the driver balls, so the illusion is that the ball was going a little left of its actual line.

If you look at the two trees in the distance that serve as goal posts, I was aiming between them on my swings, at the bushier tree between them on all the swings.

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Aaaand… DJ’s Mike Dunaway Down Swing Action

It only took me hitting¬†balls one day this spring and looking at the video to figure out that I still wasn’t swinging with a proper right-dominant arm action, so I waited out two days of rain and was at the range this morning.

It was grey and windy, and when I left, it was only 7 degrees Celsius or 44 F (I checked my phone app just before packing up), and my lower back was really not feeling great today with the weather, but you won’t believe it looking at the swings I made.

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On Finding Mike Dunaway

md-dj-finishOnce again, I have proven to myself (if not to anyone else) that you really can’t figure out some things just by looking at them.

With the one exception of having figured out Ben Hogan’s pivot action simply by watching him in video clips and then mimicking the action, I haven’t ever figured out a swing move in any way other than having performed the action and then having seen that it was like someones else’s.

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Sneak Peek – DJ’s Right-Dominant Swing

swingrite-addr-topI shot a quick video clip of the right-dominant swing action I’ve been working on for the last while, and I can’t believe how much more compact it is than what I used to consider my best action.

As you’ll see and hear, this adjustment for me has dramatically increased my speed and power as I use the SwingRite stick for feedback, and today was the first day swinging after having determined what I was doing to get to the speed setting I’m on right now.

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Pullers Or Struggling With The “Drop” – PT II of “Hammer”

jn-djI will be very specific here, for anyone who is thinking I may have come up with something new in picking up a 10% increase in speed on my SwingRite training tool (10% is a conservative estimate, and I’m not done yet).

I haven’t – I am a left-handed person swinging right-handed, and all I’m doing is applying the MCS swing principles in a better fashion – that’s it!

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Even Right-Dominant Is A “Full Body” Pivot

hips-legsI don’t want people to think that, just because I’m transitioning from the “pulling” or left-dominant down swing to the right-dominant or “pushing/throwing” down swing that I’ve gone away from using the whole body.

That isn’t the case. ¬†I was actually thinking about this myself and wondering how it was possible to focus on the right side and still have as much speed and power as my previous “hybrid” swing with a big “pull” component.

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