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Jason Zuback – Great Swing, Change The Angle

zuback dtlThe only thing I would ever critique in the “winningest” Remax Long Driver ever is his swing angle.

If your back hurts looking at Jason Zuback at the top, it’s because it should hurt looking at that position.

That position is caused by swinging on an angle that is not the same angle you’d use to hit a tree with an axe, or throw a stone over the ball as it sits on the tee.

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Remax Long Drive – My Worst Nightmare

jeff flaggI will admit I didn’t watch the Remax Long Drive Championships last night.  First, I’m not a fan of the “winner-take-all” format that reduces the competition to a desperate lunge at the ball knowing that everyone except the winner is going home empty-handed.

It’s the Hunger Games and a demolition derby rolled into one.  Second, last night my worst nightmare came true, as I woke up this morning and saw what had happened.

I received a text from the Big Toilet reminding me that it was on, and I watched perhaps five minutes, tuning in just to see the interview Jamie Sadlowski gave after losing to Joe Miller early in the night’s proceedings.

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Tim Burke Sets New Remax Record

?????????????I have to say, I haven’t actually watched  much of the Remax Long Drive in years past.  Something about not really caring anymore by the time they aired it over two months after the fact.  Kind of hard to get pumped about a competition when you already know what happened.

Last night was different, and a treat.  I missed the first half-hour so I got to fast-forward through all the build-up and get right into the swinging by the time I sat down.

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Ryan Winther Just Increased His Odds

???????????Confession Time.

The funny thing is that Ryan Winther is (in just my opinion, and I don’t want to jinx the guy) a huge favorite anyways going into October’s Remax Long Drive Championship.

He’s setting club, ball and carry distance records almost daily, for crying out loud, and he likely really only has to stay healthy and remember where the competition is being held to take another title.

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Ryan Winther 2012 Remax Long Drive Champ

Originally posted at DJ Watts Golf on October 31, 2012

I was just looking at Ryan Winther (Winner 2012 Remax Long Drive) and see some things that are very similar in the way I myself swing a club.

Not everyone looks the same when they swing, even using the same technical principles. This is because of infinite variations between any two people (even two relatively the same size) in weight, strength, agility, athletic aptitude, etc.

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