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Even Right-Dominant Is A “Full Body” Pivot

hips-legsI don’t want people to think that, just because I’m transitioning from the “pulling” or left-dominant down swing to the right-dominant or “pushing/throwing” down swing that I’ve gone away from using the whole body.

That isn’t the case.  I was actually thinking about this myself and wondering how it was possible to focus on the right side and still have as much speed and power as my previous “hybrid” swing with a big “pull” component.

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Swinging Right-Dominant – Personal Records Are Going To Fall

swingriteI have been doing some swing work and I can tell that I’ve found my position to be able to swing right-dominant instead of “pulling” the swing as I have, being a left-handed person swinging right-handed.

I haven’t shot any video of myself swinging this way yet, but the results are promising – I have been going at it with my SwingRite stick (hello J.M.!), which I’ve had since a reader sent it to me in 2010.

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Full Extension Release – Swings From Saturday

impact & releaseI have some video from Saturday, as I mentioned in the posting that day, on the concept of having more extended release action through the ball for more leverage, more power, more speed, more consistency – everything you want in a concept.

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The Left, Right & Full Body Swings

arms at addressI have blogged a good deal about how, even though we hold the golf club with both hands, we tend to be “dominant” with one side of our bodies or the other.

For example, you’ll have a right-handed swinger swinging right-handed, and they will be dominant with the righ hand, in the “throwing” or “pushing” type of visual to their swing action.

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Double Leverage – The Ultimate “Push & Pull”

impact ldI don’t know why I like saying “Push & Pull” instead of saying the term in its proper sequence, which should really be “Pull, then Push…”

I guess the old saying “Push & Pull” keeps coming back to mind, and it flows off the tongue more easily, don’t you think?

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Iron Byron – Throw Release ‘Cause Science…

iron byronYes, the machine known as the “Iron Byron” has a throw release, because, “Science,” of course.

It’s easy to dismiss the notion of swinging with a motion like Iron Byron because, of course, we’re not machines.

And anyone who claims to have a swing model like Iron Byron’s, is of course being absurd, but I imagine it sells… we swing like living machines, and with two arms.

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Peter Kostis Uses MCS Terminology

kostisYes, if you watched the CBS broadcast from the PGA Tour’s 2015 Quicken Loans National event yesterday, you would have seen Peter Kostis using MCS terminology describing the hybrid swing mechanics (“pushing/throwing” combined with “pulling”).

I kid you not.  Anyone who has read my blogging on the golf swing knows that I’ve used the same terms for years upon years to describe the actions of a mechanically-correct swing motion.

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Charlie Beljan Has Jamie Sadlowski Syndrome

charlie beljan post impactHas anyone see the action of one of the longer-hitting pros on the PGA Tour, one Charlie Beljan?

I wanted to take a look at Brandon Hagy’s swing, as he currently leads the Tour in driving distance (321 yards per drive), but he is not very widely known, so there isn’t much video on Youtube with which to work.

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Return of “Push-Pull” Golf Swing Theory

Drv2 July 26 (1)I wrote a post a couple of years ago about how the golf swing consists of a “Push” (the right hand and arm in a right-hander’s swing) and a “Pull” (the leading side leverage).

Now that I’ve explained a little bit of the leading side leverage, I think I’ll be able to expand more on the Push-Pull aspect of my theory on MCS motion.

It doesn’t really play into the regular swing with wedge, iron and even the driver when playing golf.

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“Pull & Push” The Golf Swing

Originally Published August 11, 2011 on the DJ Watts Golf Blog

Note: The title was originally “Push & Pull,” however after receiving an email from a reader on the subject, I agree that the term should be “Pull & Push” based on the sequence of actions in this motion


Ken posted a great comment the other day that got me thinking to my old Swing Theory Golf Blog days, and I wrote a post on Harrison Sport’s blog section with the memories of the Push and Pull aspect of the swing.

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