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It’s Time To Go Back To Playing Golf!

I mentioned before that I had been a pretty passionate golfer beginning in the mid-90’s, when a friend took me to a par 3 course one holiday afternoon in August of 1995.

I “played,” to use that term very loosely, about ten times that year, having been hooked from the first day (I remember we adjourned following the round to a bar and grill, where I enjoyed a beer and clubhouse sandwich and asked when we were going to play again).

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My 373 Yard Drive – Smash Golf Archive

dj-mps-b-impact.jpgOriginally published September 18, 2009

I’ve been doing some stuff getting ready for Easter weekend and seeing if the weather would be good enough to go to the range today, but does’t look good.

I thought I’d post another oldie from the Smash Golf blog when I was playing golf the summer of ’09 rather than doing range work.

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Blast From the Past – Driving a 350 Yard Hole

6th-hole-350-yardsIt seems winter is conspiring against me, knowing how eager I am to get back out there for the 2014 season and seeing how it’s still freezing out there.  

At least most of the snow and ice are gone with a recent couple of days above zero, but come on… last year, we were out of doors (with some ranges, including my facility) by mid-March.

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