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LOL – Peter Kostis’ Swing Analysis Of Patrick Rodgers

patrick-rodgers-impactIt’s actually not that funny. I didn’t think he could out-do his “analysis” on Jordan Spieth for cluelessness, but…

Just listen to Peter Kostis’ unbelievable analysis of Patrick Rodgers’ golf swing this weekend at the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines.

You won’t believe it, but then again, Kostis is no longer even trying to be objective in his swing analyses on television, and I’ll prove it to you below, because this has to be actually seen to be believed.

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Just Stupid… Modern Golf Is Stupid… Rant Warning

tiger woodsI have to say, these guys are either completely insane or just plain dumb.  There’s no other option for it.

I mean, how many times do you have to do the same thing over expecting different results, and here’s an even more pertinent question – how many times do you have to talk about the “old days” without realizing you’re missing something, in order to just be not that bright?

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Jordan Spieth Gives Driving Lessons ?!?

spieth follow thruThis is not a joke.

Reason #15435 of why you can’t learn a proper golf swing.

Jordan Spieth is going to tell you all how to drive the ball.

I actually found this in the GolfDigest online. Again, as with Paige Spirinac, I doubt Jordan actually wrote this stuff, because I can’t explain it any other way than “ghost writer.”

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Et Tu, Peter Kostis? What On Earth Is THIS?

kostis articleI received something in the mail today from a Wax Golf reader (thanks KS, and sorry that you had to rip that page out!) who apparently gets the magazine in paper form, and I have been unable to find given the link to this article from Peter Kostis.

However, I will state that I have tried to contact Peter Kostis several times through social media and actually even through an associate of his, whom you see on TV (his identity is not relevant to this posting).

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Peter Kostis Nailed Another MCS Fundamental (Updated)

BubbaUpdated With Video Clip

I was watching the Northern Trust yesterday, and during the CBS coverage, you would have seen Peter Kostis nail one of the MCS swing theory’s fundamental concepts – the stable head position during the swing, while analyzing Bubba Watson’s swing.

This is nothing I have invented, of course – the concept of keeping a stable head has been around as long as golf swing instruction has been around – but as with many other principles, it became “not necessary” when the modern swing proponents found it increasingly difficult to keep a stable head during the swing.

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Peter Kostis Responds To My Question

kostisSo I got some answers from Peter Kostis regarding my question to him on Sam Snead’s swing compared to the modern players.

First of all, I respect a guy who responds to challenges, even if the challenge comes in the form of implied criticism, which mine certainly could be construed to be.

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A Question For Peter Kostis (And All of Modern Golf)

sam snead jonas blixtFirst we had Brandel Chamblee spilling the truth about the Modern Golf Swing in a rare moment on Golf Channel.

Now, in this swing analysis by Peter Kostis, you’ll hear him talking about the free hip action in Sam Snead’s classic golf swing as excellent.

You’ll also hear him say at the end that swings don’t get any better than Snead’s.

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Wax Nation – Remember This Video? (Push/Pull)

sgt crhis burrellIf you remember this video about which I posted last month, Peter Kostis was attempting to teach someone how to “push” and “pull” the golf swing.

If you’re now watching the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing,” you’ll see a lot of what he’s talking about with regards to that action.

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Dear Tiger – You’re Not Sam Snead

snead topOh dear, Tiger Woods is into the crazy-talk again.

No, Tiger, you’re not Sam Snead.

You’re not even Vijay Singh – he was as good a ball-striker as you were, even better, when he was 40.

When he won his 3rd and last major, the PGA Championship in 2004 and achieved the Number 1 mark in the World Golf Rankings, he was 41 and a half years old.

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Peter Kostis Uses MCS Terminology

kostisYes, if you watched the CBS broadcast from the PGA Tour’s 2015 Quicken Loans National event yesterday, you would have seen Peter Kostis using MCS terminology describing the hybrid swing mechanics (“pushing/throwing” combined with “pulling”).

I kid you not.  Anyone who has read my blogging on the golf swing knows that I’ve used the same terms for years upon years to describe the actions of a mechanically-correct swing motion.

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