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All You Have To Do Is WATCH (Paige Spirinac)

chair swing drillI hate to ruin a good thing here, GolfDigest online, but LPGA hopeful Paige Spirinac’s swing is nothing like what you have her saying in her piece on how to get a better pivot.

We can revisit the posting in which I decried the torso-twisting excercise she describes, while sitting in a chair in her GolfDigest article “Home Hacks.”

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Paige Spiranac – Step 1, Wreck Your Back. Step 2…

back stretchI’m not going to attack Paige Spirinac, as I’m sure she gets enough flak for doing what she does. We all have to make a living.

However, I must point out an ironic sequence of postings on her section, not that she’s the one coming up with this so-called golf swing training advice (does anyone really believe she’s the one coming up with this stuff?).

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