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Blast From The Past! MCS Drives From April 2013

dj-imp-13I was looking through some archived clips from my swing research years, and I ran across a startling series of swings from April of 2013.

2013 is the year I will always view, for whatever reason, as the year my swing research really began to pay dividends – I even told targettom in an email exchange that I don’t consider myself having made any meaningful breakthroughs in swing theory until that year.

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Blast From The Past! (New MCS Swing Model ’13)

dj imp new mcsI was sent a Youtube link by one of my Wax Golf readers (thanks Benoit, what a nostalgic feeling I had, watching this!), from my own account, mind you – and here is the proof of what Brandel Chamblee’s book “The Anatomy of Greatness” asserts…

This swing model of mine, developed in 2013 and my first independent swing model (all previous models had been developed studying another person’s swing theory), is the same in principle as my current and last swing model.

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Getting Back To This (Driver – 8 Seconds Hang Time)

dj imp new mcsI have been going through my video archives just to see where I was, theory-wise, at certain parts of my research.

I have seen that my highest swing speeds and longest drives were around the spring and summer of 2013, when I had just introduced the “New MCS” swing model with the “Formula” address setup.

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