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Let’s Add Michelle Wie To The “What Ifs”

I got a late night email from targettom, who watches any and everything involving golf, to let me know that Michelle Wie has apparently suffered another “left side” injury, and it appears to be in the back and left hip area.

Color me surprised, which I might be if I hadn’t noticed a while back that everything with Michelle has to do with the left side, and for obvious reasons – her address stances are getting ever more tortured and her swings ever shorter, and all to no avail.

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Michelle Wie Returns To The Leaderboard (Power Check)

michelle-wie-topI saw yesterday that Michelle Wie was in contention at long last again, taking the lead into the 4th round at the HSBC Women’s Champions in Singapore, and poised to win her first event in 3 years.

I checked the morning results and it seems she fell just short, shooting an even par 4th round to finish in 4th place, while Inbee Park took the title.

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Michelle Wie Not Finished With The Madness

wie-addressIt’s been a while since Michelle Wie last won an event (nearly 2.5 years since her 2014 U.S. Open win), and she appears more likely to continue her ride on the injury train than to return to winning form anytime soon.

It’s a maddening thing to watch someone with such obvious and lofty athletic ability (like Tiger Woods in better days) absolutely wrecking their bodies with improper technique, and when targettom sent me the below Instagram clip, I felt a headache coming on.

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The Michelle Wie Injury Train Rolls On

wie pivot anaProbably to the eventual wreck that brings about her retirement and the unthinkable label of “under-achieving” or “disappointing,” this with a major victory on her resume.

Tragically, it’s hubris that is Michelle Wie’s downfall – I can draw a parallel to another superstar’s seeming inability to figure out that what they were doing – wasn’t working… and that would be one Tiger Woods.

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Golf.Com Still Pushing Michelle Wie’s Hip-Busting Swing

wie stance anaThis is incredible.

Michelle Wie was doing something with her swing last year that caused her to have to suffer through a handful of left-side injuries, not the least of which was her left hip bursitis condition.

At one point, she was hobbling around in a medical boot, and she has left that wide-stanced, hip-busting move of last year behind.

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Michelle Wie – Shut It Down For ’15, Please…

michelle wie finishMichelle Wie did exactly as expected during the Ricoh British Women’s Open – I had said she’d either MC or WD, and she WD’d on the way to a guaranteed MC, having aggravated her left foot injury by playing hurt.

As I also said before, many athletes finish a game or same-day competition fighting through injuries, but then they go away and get better before competing again.

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Michelle Wie – Left Left Left Left Left…

michelle wie pivotIf you want any proof just how damaging the modern conventional swing can be to the body, you only have to look at far as Michelle Wie, whose physical ailments have been documented here as she breaks down.

And breaking down she is, like a used rental car on a cross-country trip. ┬áThe thing people don’t seem to have done is ask themselves why everything about Wie-zee is “left…”

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Michelle Wie Shows How To Develop Bursitis

MichelleWieTip1Have you ever noticed how often a golfer comes down with an injury right after being featured in a magazine article on how awesome their swing is?

Like Michelle Wie, showing everyone in May’s edition of how to rip big drives… and ironically, she’s also teaching you how to develop bursitis in your hip.

Two for One Special…

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