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Excerpt From Skype W/Fluffy – For More Power, Think “Deeper,” Not Harder

I’ve talked quite a bit about the whole “stepping into it” aspect of creating massive leverage with the weight shift in the golf swing.

In our last Skype┬ásession, which we recorded for WAX Nation, you’ll see how a certain concept worked for Fluffy a.k.a. T. Ferguson with regards to this.

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Here’s A Tight Back Swing (Anthony Kim)

I know most people won’t have heard of Anthony Kim if they are new to the game (new meaning in the last 5 to 8 years), and he’s no longer in the game, but I ran across a clip of him swinging.

All I could think about watching it was, “Now, that is a tight back swing!”

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Super Quiet Leverage – Irons Down The Line

If you know anything about balancing car tires, you know that if they are out of balance, you will get vibration or motion (unwanted motion) in them as they turn.

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Stable Head & Pivot + Stepping Into It = Leverage

This is not to say that you can’t generate leverage without a stable head on the back swing or down swing pivots, or if you shift laterally during the swing.

I’m talking about optimal leverage which preserves consistency, and that of course has to do with the “One Major Move.”

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Almost There… MCS – The Kinetic Chain (sneak peek)


I’ll be on the video production until it’s finished very soon, but I wanted to give everyone a little teaser of what I’ll be showing viewers in the upcoming “MCS – The Kinetic Chain” video.

This is the 3rd and last video from the last MCS swing video series that began with “E = MCS.”

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Northern Trust Open Thread – I Missed Yesterday’s Round!

Believe it or not, I completely missed yesterday’s 1st round of the Northern Trust – while in my mind I knew it was Thursday, I suppose, I was working on the “MCS – The Kinetic Chain” video all afternoon and didn’t have the TV on at all.

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“MCS – The Kinetic Chain” Is In Final Edit – PGA Champ Open Thread (Updated)

Updated Below The Fold**

This doesn’t mean I’m finished, far from it, but I am now in the final edit stage of the production for the “MCS – The Kinetic Chain” video!

That means I’ve shot all of the video I need, I have the presentation video footage taken care of, and I’ve winnowed all of that down to what will be in the video, and I’m now working on the actual product.

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MCS Project 2018 – “The Kinetic Chain”

While working on the “MCS – Project 2018” video, I finally seized upon a theme, as most of my videos are usually centered around a theme of sorts, like the pivot (“MCS – Perfect Pivot), or leverage (“MCS – Ultimate Leverage”), or the “One Major Move” from the “E = MCS” video.

The original intent of this video was to provide proof of the efficiency and effectiveness of using the MCS Golf Swing model, by explaining with numbers and graphics how and why it is such.

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