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Ryan Steenberg’s A-1 Long Drive Swing

rsIf you watched last week’s World Long Drive Championship, you would have seen very good form from the two Finalists.

Everyone has been looking at Joe Miller’s swing, but I wanted to show Finalist runner-up Ryan Steenberg’s swing, because there’s a lot you can learn from it (if you watch any of the MCS Trilogy swing videos, you’ll learn the same things).

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Wax Golf Boot Camp In Arizona

received_1003810089700122It was a great morning at DKondo’s this morning.  Humbray stopped by with son Nick and his friend Brian, and before too long NB and I were on the putting green looking at his pivot.

Brian (BV) stepped up and after a while, we all convened to DK’s hitting station, where we started off hitting 8 irons before moving to the Driver.

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Old Classic Swing – Jimmy Thomson

JimmyThomson-coverHow many Wax Golf readers were around in the days of the DJ Watts Golf blog?

Remember ol’ Jimmy Thomson, who could drive the ball further with balata and persimmon than modern swingers can today with their equipment and balls?

Here’s a nice, classic power swing to contemplate, knowing that the guys from this era didn’t hurt their knees, hips and backs left and right, swinging heavier and stiffer equipment than today’s players.

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Getting More “Push” To The “Pull” – Leverage & Power

dj imp ldIf you think of the “pulling” part of a hybrid “Push/Pull” down swing, that’s the part that leverages the initial part of that down swing.

The second part, the “push” part, is what adds the power to the leverage.  Granted, there’s plenty of power in a leveraged “pulling” motion, just as there is in the “pushing” or “throwing” part, but it’s the dual nature of using both at the same time that gives the hybrid motion its superior power.

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