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The Simplest Golf Swing Book – DJ Swings “Standard!”

drv seqI spent an inordinate amount of time drilling on the swing fundamentals after completing the “MCS – Ultimate Leverage” video back in February of 2015.

I then spent most of that spring and summer looking at Jack Nicklaus’ leveraging action and shooting video for what would become “The Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” video later that autumn, and I was determined, despite all of my physical inability to swing according to any “standard” model, to do exactly that.

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“The MCS Golf Swing” eBook – Coming To Amazon!

addrsI am currently putting the finishing touches on an eBook that will be available on Amazon in the next week or two.

Tentatively titledĀ “The MCS Golf Swing,” it will be basic primer in written form rather than video, laying out the basics of MCS Swing Theory.

It will include the following:

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