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I’ve Found Something Incredible In the MCS Model

Don’t panic, now – there’s nothing new in the MCS model from the “E = MCS” video, as I said there was no further simplification of this model possible afterward.

What I have found is the “key” in the setup that I built for the MCS Golf Swing, ending the long journey from the first crucial piece back in 2014 when I hit upon the right-biased and spine tilt being necessary to the optimal swing model.

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2 Birds With 1 Stone – Spine Tilt & Ball Position

I’ve told you all that I’m working out swinging again and that I’ve been pleased with the adjustments I’ve made to my setup – well, here’s something for the MCS swingers regarding two important parts of the setup.

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The “MCS Golf Swing” eBook Project Is Progressing!

I’ll be sending an update email to everyone regarding the upcoming “MCS Golf Swing” eBook project, which was tentatively scheduled for release on or about January 15th.

While the Holiday Season slowed things down a little more than I had anticipated, I am very confident that it will only be a week, perhaps two weeks, delayed, which means that it will be released this month!

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How Did Mike Dunaway Produce So Much Power With Such A “Short” Back Swing?

You’ll remember that I talked before the holidays about “Big Legs, Little Arms,” and that this is the key to developing the most efficient leverage for a seemingly effortless swing packed with power.

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Stable Swing Point = All Roads Leading To Rome

You’ve heard the phrase before, I’m sure, that “all roads lead to Rome,” and this is the same when it comes to the back swing pivot if you keep your swing point stable.

Meaning, if you are concerned about your exact “angle” taking the club back, you have no reason to worry provided you do two things:
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2018 – “Leading Side Leverage” & We’ll Be Working Off EMCS

This month has seen a brisk pick-up in downloads of the “EMCS” video series (either the “E = MCS” swing video alone or in tandem with the supplemental, “EMCS2 – The Follow Up), along with all of your pre-orders for the upcoming “MCS Golf Swing” eBook (the pre-order window will be open until the end of this coming weekend, so you still have a day or two remaining to save!), and it makes me wonder:

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If You Were Here Before 2018… Take A Bow! And Get Ready…

Thanks to all who’ve pre-ordered their copy of the upcoming eBook “The MCS Golf Swing,” and the window for doing so will be open until this weekend.

Additionally however, I would like to thank those of you reading this for the support you’ve given this site (and my other blogs in the past, &, and if you’ve bought any of the MCS Golf Swing materials from videos or eBooks, then I both thank and congratulate you!

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The “E = MCS” Video Is My Presentation… But The eBook…

… is the dissertation, and it’s something about which I’m extremely enthused, for the reason that there is no time restriction for the explanations on the theory, stance and mechanics.

One of the restrictive things about a video is that you have a limited time to explain it all – that’s why I call the “E = MCS” video the “simplest golf swing video” you’ll ever watch – and it’s still an hour long!

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Hips & Legs + Stable Head = Awesome Leverage

For those of you looking for that awesome leverage demonstrated by the likes of Jack Nicklaus in his heyday, I have good news for you.

It can be naturally produced with the simple equation I’ve given you in the post title.

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