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You Need Proper Setup To Perform Good Mechanical Action w/o Compensations

I try to drill and drill the point home that the setup is the end-all and be-all of a proper mechanical action without compensations in your golf swing.

All compensations come from either one or both of two things:

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MCS “Project 2018” In The Works

Now, I know that many of you have been waiting to see what 2018 was going to bring and I can now tell you all what’s cooking.

First, I might produce a “Long Drive MCS” video later in the year, but my primary interest right now is on the ultimate project for 2018, and I’ve already begun work on it.  This is also something that was affecting the completion of the “MCS Golf Swing” eBook “Final Edition,” as you’ll see below.

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Update On The “MCS Golf Swing” eBook Final Edition

I’ve made a decision to delay re-releasing the eBook Final Edition because I want it to be the only eBook I write on the MCS Golf Swing theory and I want to include certain things in it that I won’t be able to do put in until we’re back out of doors!

When I released it, I was past my self-imposed deadline and wasn’t going to fiddle around with the formatting any longer, so I had planned to finish the formatting and quickly re-issue the eBook as a Final Edition, however

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Mike Dunaway’s Impact/Release Concept (Similar To The Wall)

I found the video from Mike Dunaway in which he talks about an Impact/Release concept (if you still like and need concepts, they work ’til you don’t need’em!), and it’s very similar to the “Swinging Into A Wall” post from earlier in the month.

So, Uncle JJ mentioned it in the comments, but I couldn’t find it at the time, even though I agreed with him on the similarity.

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The Leading Side “Pull” Should Be Built-In – No Need Think About It

I’ve talked about the golf down swing consisting of a “pull” and “push” sequence, but it could be misleading, so I’ll clarify the first part about the “pull” aspect – it is or should be built-in from your position, back swing pivot and top position.

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I Like The Feedback I’m Getting On MCS This Year!

I am very appreciative of the feedback I’ve been receiving on all aspects of the MCS Golf Swing theory – thanks, everyone!

I’ll share a couple from just yesterday, on the posting regarding the impact “wall” and on the newly-released eBook “The MCS Golf Swing.”

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Think “Swinging Into A Wall” – But It’s Not There…

The problem you get with the way a lot of people are swinging on television, aside from the fact that the result is very unsightly, is that they’re swinging at the ball (especially with the Driver) as if they’re hitting a wall with a hammer but forgetting it’s not actually there.

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Shank/Hosel Problem? Check Your Bias

Now that we’ve established the final model of the MCS Golf Swing with regards to optimal swinging, let me deal with one trouble-shooting issue.

If you’ve been having problems with shanking or hoseling the odd ball on your swings, then the issue could be your address setup if you’re doing everything else properly.

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The “One Major Move” Is More Than “The Move”

Thanks to everyone for your feedback and compliments on the new eBook “The MCS Golf Swing,” everyone!

Now that we have everything in place for the 2018 season with regards to the study material on the MCS Golf Swing, I have just one thing to discuss with everyone who is working on their MCS swings.

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MCS – I Can’t Over-State The Importance Of The Primary Lever

If there is anything you take out of the MCS Golf Swing theory (and hopefully, it won’t be just one thing), I can’t over-state the importance of the Primary Lever in building your leveraged golf swing.

Everything else in the MCS theory, from the stance, grip and ball position (also known as the Fundamentals Trifecta in these here parts) is designed to allow you to maximize your use of the Primary Lever.

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