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Swinging MCS At 73 Years Old

david-d-positionUpdateDavid D. thanks me for the compliment, but has informed me that I got his age wrong – he’s actually 73! /update

I got together with a longtime Member and friend, David D., who is 67¬†73 years young and who wanted a little work on his swing at season’s end.

We hadn’t seen each other in about a year, perhaps longer (it was last season around the same time), and all the work we did was on the stance, to get him into a more athletically-correct swinging position.

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MCS For Senior Swingers (Possible Project)

I am mulling over a possible project that concentrates on the MCS Golf¬†swing for seniors, but this is a possible project on which I’ve yet to make a decision.

I know that this site is read by an older audience than your typical sports-related website, but I am actually “senior” age for the purposes of long drive (45+), and I will be an actual “senior” for regular golf competition purposes in less than 4 years.

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