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The Trilogy Series Has Concluded – Now It’s Long Drive Time

jn-djI have been going back and forth about what I was doing to do now that my swing research has concluded.

I have thought it was over a couple of times before, but there was always a nagging thought that I might have missed something – well, I can state with confidence that, having cracked the “Dunaway Down Swing,” there is nothing left to look at.

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Pullers Or Struggling With The “Drop” – PT II of “Hammer”

jn-djI will be very specific here, for anyone who is thinking I may have come up with something new in picking up a 10% increase in speed on my SwingRite training tool (10% is a conservative estimate, and I’m not done yet).

I haven’t – I am a left-handed person swinging right-handed, and all I’m doing is applying the MCS swing principles in a better fashion – that’s it!

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Swinging Right-Dominant – Personal Records Are Going To Fall

swingriteI have been doing some swing work and I can tell that I’ve found my position to be able to swing right-dominant instead of “pulling” the swing as I have, being a left-handed person swinging right-handed.

I haven’t shot any video of myself swinging this way yet, but the results are promising – I have been going at it with my SwingRite stick (hello J.M.!), which I’ve had since a reader sent it to me in 2010.

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“Dropping The Hammer” Was It – For High To Low Hdcps

mcs-dropping-the-hammerI’ve been a little taken aback by the enthusiasm for the “MCS – Dropping The Hammer” video, and for a surprising reason – it was what was apparently missing from the MCS video series in taking a look at how the average person would implement the mechanically-sound principles in the MCS swing theory.

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Hmm… Something About Jack Nicklaus’ Hammer Position

nicklaus-hammerI was going to title this posting “Best Modern Golf Swing Fail EVER,” because I’ve been getting some feedback on a certain swing people have noticed in the new “MCS – Dropping The Hammer” video.

Now, I’m not one to make fun of people hitting balls at range – they’re all trying, but the guy who photo-bombed a certain segment of my video has to be seen to be believed.

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Why Mike Dunaway’s Down Swing

mike dunaway impact

I have some personal matters arise which require attending-to this morning, so I thought I’d dash this quick post off before doing so, and when I return home in the afternoon, it’ll be back to work on the video, which is now nearly complete.

Touch and go and day to day! ┬áBut before I head out, here’s my thought on MD.

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Who’s Ready To “Drop The Hammer?”

hammer-drop2If things are a little quiet around here for the next day or so, it’s because I’m wrapping up the “MCS – Dropping The Hammer video project that I began last December.

It has taken a little longer than I anticipated, but we’re nearly there, and it looks to be even better than what I had envisioned when I announced the project.

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Dropping The Hammer – Both “Pull” & “Push”

d1I don’t know exactly when it was that I realized how invaluable the “Dropping The Hammer” concept would be when I was developing it, but I knew that it was going to be gold when I figured out that it solves the problem of “pushing” vs “pulling” the golf swing.

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Final Stretch For “MCS – Dropping The Hammer”

hammer-dropIt’s been a busier month than I could have imagined when we rang in the New Year, but I’ve managed to make enough headway on the upcoming video that the end is in sight!

The major problem (if one was going to have one, this is it) has been trying to winnow down four hours of swing work that I recorded with David D. over the last few weeks of the ’16 summer season, as well as some video short clips that he had recorded on his own smart-phone – there was so much material that ended up on the cutting room floor.

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