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The “Leverage Point” Drill @ The Watering Hole

leverage point video clip screen capFor Wax Members, I’ve posted a brief video clip at DJ’s Watering Hole on the concept of the “Leverage Point” exercise and how it will help synchronize the down swing transition after you “lock at the top,” another MCS “Perfect Pivot” term.

I am looking into adding this “Leverage Point” concept to a revised MCS “Perfect Pivot” later this summer, as well as adding it to the “Secrets of MCS” video shorts series.

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New Terminology – “Leverage Point”

leading footThere is a new concept I’m working on with regards to people losing their setup position, and it has to do with the pivot training drill I came up with a couple of days ago.

I’m testing it right now with an MCS swinger, and it seems to be working very well with maintaining the proper address setup and position, and of course with the down swing swing pivot, as that was the original reason for my coming up with the actual training device and drill.

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