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So…Where’s The Leg Snap In MCS?

dj imp new mcsNote: Phil Mickelson is leading the AT&T at Pebble Beach going into the final round today.

He’s a natural, MCS type swinger with a “floating heel”¬†swing model – watch his leading leg today and see what you won’t see…

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Once More – The Leg “Snap” Is A Swing Flaw

krista top2The whole point about improving one’s swing is not so that one can play golf – you can play golf with any kind of swing, and you’ll even see guys on the PGA and other Tours playing with swings that are far from perfect.

What they’ve got that you don’t have is all the time in the world in which to work on making a less-than-optimal swing work and repeat enough for their other skills (course management, wedge play, short game, putting) to allow them to compete and even win.

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Once More – The “Leg Snap” Is A Flaw – A Bad One…

rear view seqYou hear all of the praise in TV announcers’ analyses of the “jumping bean” swingers on Tour who like to think they are generating awesome power and leverage with the leading leg “snap” through impact.

What you’re doing, in actuality, is compensating for a swing model that has you out of optimal leveraging position coming into impact, and so you have to hyper-extend the leading leg to get the lead hip and shoulder back to allow clearance of the right side.

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Shocking – Jamie Sadlowski’s Huge Power Leak

?????????????????????I haven’t looked at Jamie Sadlowski’s swing closely since probably 2010 or so, simply because he was the Remax Long Drive World Champion in 2008 and again in 2009 but hasn’t won a world title since.

So, the most I’ve done in recent years is look to see if he’s made any major (or even minor) changes since then.

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