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Modern Golf Now Using The Shot Put As Their “Swing” Model?

I asked a rhetorical question the other day if a baseball swing is “using the ground” in the same manner the Modern Golf Swing proponents say you get power by leaving the ground.

I also used a javelin throw – but silly me, it seems the the way you’re supposed to get power is by emulating the track & field event known as the shot put!

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The Knees Are the Swing Shock Absorbers

CIMG6691 (1)One of the problems I think you’ll find in the modern golf swing methodology is that whole “straightening the left leg” concept for generating leverage and thus speed and power in the impact phase.

This is leading, I’m afraid, to a generation of golfers who will suffer from knee ailments as they inflict incremental damage on that leading knee with the hyper-extension you see in many power swingers.

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