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Once More – The Leg “Snap” Is A Swing Flaw

krista top2The whole point about improving one’s swing is not so that one can play golf – you can play golf with any kind of swing, and you’ll even see guys on the PGA and other Tours playing with swings that are far from perfect.

What they’ve got that you don’t have is all the time in the world in which to work on making a less-than-optimal swing work and repeat enough for their other skills (course management, wedge play, short game, putting) to allow them to compete and even win.

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Krista Twet’s MCS Swing Is Getting There!

krista - top & impWell, once again, I am seeing what great work Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell, PGA is doing with the MCS swing theory when it comes to higher level swingers and players.

You were introduced to one of his students, (NCAA Division I) U of Cali Riverside team member Krista Twet, who is transforming into a really solid technical swinger under the Big T.

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MCS Hits NCAA Division 1 Golf – Krista Twet UC Riverside

krista twet mcsI have some pics and a couple of swing sequences to show you all, as the MCS Swing Theory has now made its way to NCAA Division I golf.

Namely, Krista Twet (pronounced “Tweet”) from the University of California, Riverside.

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