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The Schizophrenia Of Modern Golf Philosophy

instruction-2014-12-inar02-justin-rose-driverIt gets to the point, if you’re looking at and evaluating the Modern Golf Swing proponents and how they train and swing, you begin to wonder if you’ve gone through the looking glass without knowing it.

I find the lack of any concrete and fixed philosophy in modern swinging to be maddening (although some would say it wasn’t the golf, but that’s another story), because there really is no set theory to the modern golf swing except “Keep That Leading Heel Nailed Down!”

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Justin Rose – Herniated Disk? Hint: YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG…

justin-roseNot to be forgotten in the news of Jason Day taking 2 or more months off to rehab a torn back ligament, news that Justin Rose is out for the time being with a herniated disk in his back.

Now, I know this likely strikes some as telling people that the sun rises in the East, but to the Modern Golf Swing industry, this may shock you – if your swing model is leaving players with herniated disks – you’re doing it wrong…

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Hey Tiger – Guess What Foley’s Students Are Doing…

rose addrDear Tiger Woods,

I know you likely won’t ever read this Open Letter, but I would still love it if someone close to you showed you the following things, since you left Sean Foley’s camp a little over 18 months ago.

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Justin Rose Sipping From the Holy Grail?

RoseI was sent this swing gif. by DKondo this past weekend, and apologies for the picture quality, but he noticed something and grabbed a clip on his phone while watching the Bay Hill Invitational.

He also remarked to me that Justin Rose had a couple of “longest drives” on certain holes.

This is interesting, because Rose has never been known as a power swinger, but don’t look now – the man with the same coach as Tiger Woods and the center-biased planted-heel swing model, may have begun to sip from the Holy Grail

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