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Back Specialist Calls Out The Modern Golf Swing – You’ve All Been Warned

rory mcilroy kneeWell, it seems no one will have an excuse after today – anyone who is trying to play a power game or hit the ball a long distance (which is, in essence, the “power game”) with a modern golf swing model is putting themselves at risk of back injuries.

The article I’m going to quote here from a Golf Channel online piece by Matt Adams describes the doctor I’m about to reference as:
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Old Classic Swing – Jimmy Thomson

JimmyThomson-coverHow many Wax Golf readers were around in the days of the DJ Watts Golf blog?

Remember ol’ Jimmy Thomson, who could drive the ball further with balata and persimmon than modern swingers can today with their equipment and balls?

Here’s a nice, classic power swing to contemplate, knowing that the guys from this era didn’t hurt their knees, hips and backs left and right, swinging heavier and stiffer equipment than today’s players.

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Jimmy Thomson, Monster Long Driver

Originally posted on DJ Watts Golf blog Feb 15, 2012

I dug this old post up from the former blog, as looking at JT’s address and swing motion here are nearly bang-on with the MCS model and address position, especially the current MCS as shown in the MPS “B” or Playing Swing video.  

Hello to JM, who sent me this book to look at back then!

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