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How Jack Nicklaus Got That “Ultimate Leverage”

7i topI shot this clip today as promised, to show how to increase your leverage to the “ultimate” level as in that of Jack Nicklaus’ swing.

This is another reason I’ve decided to say good-bye to the “throw release” terminology – the proper golf swing uses both sides of the body, and a right-arm-only swing is as mechanically incorrect as a
left-arm-only swing.

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The Secret To Jack Nicklaus’ Leverage

j1OK my friends, I am still going to make a video explaining the action you will see in the below Jack Nicklaus back swing gif.

But you will see what I am talking about with regards to the Mike Dunaway-inspired wrist-cock move and how it relates to Nicklaus’ pivot move.

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Beware The Two Nicklauses (When Looking At Swing Form)

Nicklaus-SwingCentersI’ve been having an interesting discussion with a Wax Nation Member about Jack Nicklaus’ spine tilt.

I want to actually tell people, if they’re going to research Nicklaus’ swing through video or pictures – beware the two Nicklauses.

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Jack Nicklaus’ Huge Back Swing

jn vs djPart of the reason hardly anyone on Tour can drive it the way Jack Nicklaus did in his day (if you take persimmon and balata era drives that Jack hit, perhaps 2 or 3 players today could even come close when you factor in the equipment tech advancements since then, not to mention the run-out fairways that are quicker than yesteryear’s greens) is that he had a huge back swing.

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Jack Nicklaus – Effortless Long Driver

Nicklaus-SwingCentersJack Nicklaus wasn’t as long a hitter as, say, Sam Snead, but he was a power player for sure, and he blew it past even players like Arnie Palmer as a young gun.

Whereas Palmer player bomb and gouge golf compared to the likes of Hogan and Byron Nelson, Nicklaus was a long driver who like to keep it in play, and he used his prodigious length off the tee to overpower courses.

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Why Jack Nicklaus Is The Best of All Time

inar01_nicklausswingAnd this isn’t a personality or popularity contest.  I base my opinion on the following things:

First of all, it’s because he won over 70 PGA Tour events, including 18 Majors, while married and raising kids with his wife Mrs. Nicklaus.

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