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Rickie Fowler “Crushes” Persimmon – And Fools No One

rf-persimmonNothing against Rickie Fowler, this is about equipment and marketing hype.

You’ll remember the Mark Twain line about there being, “Lies, damned lies, and statistics,” I’ll wager – and I’m not accusing anyone of lying here, just of the same old “hype” over numbers that mean absolutely nothing they are meant to mean, but tell you all you need to know.

This time is’s Extra Spin piece about Rickie Fowler “crushing” a persimmon driver, but if you look at the Trackman numbers and read some of the Twitter responses to the piece, you’ll see that no one who knows even a little about golf, equipment and technology was fooled for a second (or at least, not many).

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“How to Stripe Your Irons like Bryson DeChambeau”?!?!

bryson dechambeau addressThis is not to slam poor Bryson Dechambeau, who is, I’m sure, as chagrined by his lack-luster play since turning pro as I am confused by the use of his anything to show people proper form.

I mean, you’re looking at a man who missed as many cuts as he made (5 out of 10 events) in his first season as a pro, and who had exactly one Top-10 finish in that time period (and who, if you need more, has played and missed the cut once in the new ’17 season, which would mean he’s now missed more cuts than he’s made since turning pro).

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Golf.Com Still Pushing Michelle Wie’s Hip-Busting Swing

wie stance anaThis is incredible.

Michelle Wie was doing something with her swing last year that caused her to have to suffer through a handful of left-side injuries, not the least of which was her left hip bursitis condition.

At one point, she was hobbling around in a medical boot, and she has left that wide-stanced, hip-busting move of last year behind.

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