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The “One Major Move” Is More Than “The Move”

Thanks to everyone for your feedback and compliments on the new eBook “The MCS Golf Swing,” everyone!

Now that we have everything in place for the 2018 season with regards to the study material on the MCS Golf Swing, I have just one thing to discuss with everyone who is working on their MCS swings.

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My Theory Was Way Ahead Of My Practice…

And that is something to encourage everyone working on their own MCS Golf Swing models – even I haven’t yet tapped the full potential of the model I’ve developed between 2014 and now.

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Modern Golf & Tiger Woods Syndrome – The “Drop”

I have talked before about how you get a lot of Modern Golf Swing players diving into the down swing, and I’ve alternately called it the “Harpoon” move (that phrase is not mine, but that of Mike Austin’s).

You also hear it talked about on TV as the “head drop,” and this is the funniest part of what I watch & listen to on television – when Tiger Woods was the best in the world, the same drop kept coming up in a positive way.

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John Daly – Still An All-Time “3 To 9”

If you’re looking to see how much power and speed you can generate when you get a proper down swing release action from the “3 To 9” phase, John Daly is still an all-time example.

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MCS – I Can’t Over-State The Importance Of The Primary Lever

If there is anything you take out of the MCS Golf Swing theory (and hopefully, it won’t be just one thing), I can’t over-state the importance of the Primary Lever in building your leveraged golf swing.

Everything else in the MCS theory, from the stance, grip and ball position (also known as the Fundamentals Trifecta in these here parts) is designed to allow you to maximize your use of the Primary Lever.

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I Brought Up “Big Legs, Little Arms” Before The New Year…

It was back in December, and ironically, it was about how Mike Dunaway produced so much leverage with such a “short” back swing.

The “short” part meant of course that his back swing didn’t produce a club shaft way past parallel or even pointing at the ground the way long drivers have.

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What’s Your Favorite Swing To Watch?

Personally, I’ve always been partial to Ben Hogan’s swing, going back to the summer of 1998 when I worked at a golf facility.

I used to watch my 2nd and last golf instructor’s Hogan video tape in his teaching trailer.

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Fun With Mike Dunaway – He Could Have Been Longer

It’s something to say about the late Mike Dunaway, because he was generally regarded as the longest driver human on the planet back in the 80s (even being hired as the Callaway club protot-type tester for their original Big Bertha driver).

However, I do think he could have been even more powerful and longer, but I’ll add the caveat that his college football career was ended by a leg injury, so I’ve never been sure that he wasn’t doing the best he could in later years when he took up long driving.

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WAX Golf Kicking Off 2018 Now, Officially!

And what a year do I have planned for WAX Golf and the MCS Golf Swing theory, friends.

I said I had some unfinished business from the pre-2018 era to dispense with, namely the writing of the “MCS Golf Swing” eBook and with the completion of the 1st Edition, I am taking a week off to rest the old brain before tacking the Final Edition process.

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I Made A Gif. About The Downswing Last Year…

And it was a year ahead of its time – the gif. was from a sequence in the “MCS – Dropping The Hammer” video.

It was, as you’ll remember, a “Lesson With DJ” type of video working with friend and long-time WAX Golf reader David D., on the proper mechanics of the “Dunaway Downswing.”

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