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Hunter Mahan Doesn’t Use His Hips (New Foley Video)

mahan at impact“This isn’t even wrong….”

I’m updating this post to include a video clip of Sean Foley describing how to hit one’s irons.

Notice how he says, “That’s gonna give you the slide I need with the hips…”

Now, remember that you don’t use your hips in the golf swing, according to Mr. Mahan.


Originally posted July 28, 2013

I do believe Hunter has written the funniest thing I’ve ever read about the golf swing.

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The Myth of “Clearing the Hips”


Originally posted on the Smash Golf Blog July 22, 2009

There is a misconception about the whole “Clearing the Hips” thing in golf. Apparently, you only have to think about it to do it. Wrong.

You can’t clear the hips on the down swing if you’re not properly set up to do it. At least, you can’t do it without hurting yourself.

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