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Post-Release Analysis – Brandel Chamblee’s “Anatomy”

chamblee book coverOK, now that people have had their first glance at Brandel Chamblee’s excellent work “The Anatomy of Greatness,” we can continue to examine it.

I didn’t do so before, because no one would have known what I was talking about, since I got to read it weeks in advance of the release (thanks, Brian Lewis from Classics of Golf!).

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Wax Golf’s Review on Classics of Golf

wax golf featureWell, it seems that the publishers of Brandel Chamblee’s upcoming release “The Anatomy of Greatness” liked what I had to say about the book.

They are Classics of Golf, a subsidiary of Simon & Schuster.

My review has been noted and is featured on the publishing site.  As previously disclosed, someone in the publishing department emailed me after I posted a couple of articles on Brandel’s thoughts on the classic swing, and asked me if I’d like to review an advance copy.

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