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Tiger Woods – Como’ver & Miscellany

Well, I survived (very pleasantly) a grand Christmas Day get-together hosted by one of our daughter’s friends’ family (surviving meaning I didn’t eat and drink myself to death, though I gave it a shot), and we are now on the other side, with the New Year looming.

A few miscellaneous thoughts today:
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Chris Como Changes The Laws of Biomechanics

chris-comoOriginally Posted February 1, 2015 – but I could have just written this after Tiger’s Memorial performance… /update

Of course the title is tongue-in-cheek, but it goes to show you that even a guy who is supposedly working towards his PhD in Biomechanics thinks that the laws of those same biomechanical principles are not really laws… because they change when it comes to the golf swing!

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The Denial Is Strong In Some… The “Como-ver”

VibrantPerfectAurochsHumor is the best medicine, so let’s have a chuckle today.

Just a short posting and a picture which tells you everything you need to know about the deluded world of the modern swing instructors and their followers.

The cognitive dissonance the past week or so has led me to wonder if there is something in the water being used to irrigate the golf courses and driving ranges.

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The Layman’s Guide To Biomechanics

????????Rant alert.  Sometimes you just have to clear your throat and make an obvious point.

I was discussing the swing this afternoon with Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell and something came up that has been bugging the stuffing out of me since I became intimately acquainted with the “modern golf swing.”

This is simply: It is madness to try to perfect a golf swing model which the human body is not designed to copy.

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