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Michael Jordan’s Not-So-Terrible Golf Swing (Part 2)

michael-jordan-swing-seqIn the last posting, I touched upon certain things you might wish to consider when it comes to athletic “greatness,” which is not to be confused with greatness in the skill in playing a game.

You would have some “greats” in a game that were not so much great athletes as they were highly skilled in the other aspects of a game or sport and therefore excelled.

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Michael Jordan’s Swing Is Bad, But He’s No Dummy (Part 1)

mj-topOne might be tempted to say all sorts of unkind things about the swing I’m about to show you all, but I can tell looking at Michael Jordan’s golf swing that, from an athletic point of view, he’s no dummy.

If you remember the hilarious statement offered by the likes of Brandel Chamblee and others back in the mid-00’s, that Tiger Woods was the greatest athlete ever in golf, “perhaps the greatest athlete ever (insert laugh line here) – and anyone who saw Michael Jordan playing b-ball in his prime would certainly have had fun with that incredibly dense assertion.

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Re-Post – Remember Charles Barkley?

charlesbarkleyOriginally published on January 11, 2010 after the airing of the first “Haney Project.”  Just as relevant today, 5 years later, with the MCS swing theory and mechanics/athletic motion…

The only edit is replacing “Mike Austin” with “MCS” in the body of the posting. /update

With all due respect to Hank Haney and Charles Barkley himself, his problem with the golf swing is not a psychological thing. It had nothing to do with his head.

It has everything to do with the fact that he is a former world-class athlete.

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