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Is Butch Harmon Going Classic?

I only ask this because a long-time WAX Nation citizen (thanks, KC!) forwarded me a post from Andy Plummer’s (of Stack & Tilt fame) that seems to suggest that Butch Harmon may have begun to have second thoughts about the Modern Golf Swing.

I say “may have” because this is the ultimate in hearsay, but I would imagine that Andy Plummer either heard this directly on a Sky Sports broadcast (Ewen Murray is a broadcast analyst with Sky, as is Butch, for that matter) or someone told him of this.

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Rickie Fowler’s Swing Gets Better & Better

fowler swing seqI haven’t seen Rickie Fowler’s swing action this year, but I decided to take a look at something recent in light of his win at the HSBC event in Abu Dhabi this weekend.

If it’s like this one from about six months ago – he’s undergone a stunning change from the back-breaker move he had a couple of years ago.

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